200+ cameras, nearly 50 lenses, 60 brands,...
...for everyone to enjoy!

Informations gathered here are a summary of what I've been able to learn about these fascinating items, both while carefuly observing the individual cameras I collected, and while researching further the specificities of each and every model.

You'll find resources for cameras, lenses and brands, and links between those. Sometimes, a record will contain a link to a detailed article I may have written on my main blog site.

In the Timelines section of the menu, a couple of pages will let you playfuly browse cameras from the most represented brands in my collection: Kodak, Polaroid, Zeiss Ikon and Fex Indo.

Sources used include books I'm only starting to reference, but also and mostly Sylvain Halgand's website Collection-Appareils.fr that combines the most comprehensive vintage cameras database along with a priceless (french speaking) community. All camera records include a link, when applicable, to the same item on Collection-Appareils. You'll also find there a subset of my own cameras.



Some more informations in no particular order:

  • This site uses Omeka S software that lets me both manage my collections and showcase it on the Web

  • Information listed on records are relative to the presented item. The manufacturing year, when it is known, applies to the individual item and does not reflect the global model manufacturing period.

  • You've found a mistake, blatant or not? You disagree or you wish to contact me for any reason? See the About section of my main website.

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