Auto S2


Model name
Auto S2
Camera type
Item manufacturing year
Compact rangefinder camera with a bright Konica Hexanon 45mm f/1.8 lens.
Rangefinder focusing with automatic parallax correction by a moving half of the frame in the finder.
CdS light meter above the lens, using 1 PX625 type battery (replaceable with PA625 1,5V or less).
Automatic exposure mode with time priority: the corresponding aperture is displayed in the finder and on the top of the camera. It is possible to use a fully manual mode, in this case the light meter is still informative. The light meter is an internal Sekonic part.
The Coptal-SVA shutter allow from 1 sec up to 1/500th of a sec, and Bulb.
Film format
Picture size
Fixed lens
Maximum aperture
Minimum aperture
Focal length
Minimal focus distance
Lens diameter
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